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Mizoram has geographical area of 21,087 sq. kms. out of which the Horticulture potential area is 11.56 lakhs Ha. At present, the total area under Horticulture crops is 1.10 lakh Ha. The geo-climatic situation of Mizoram offers an excellent scope for growing different Horticulture crops including fruits, vegetables, spices, plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic plants of high economic value.


The Department emphasises on commercial fruit crops like Mandarin Orange, Banana, Passion Fruit, Grape, Pineappple, etc. which thrive well in the State. Though variety of vegetables are extensively cultivated, production of off season vegetables like Tomato and Capsicum is given priority as it gives better economic benefit besides catering to the local needs.

Mizoram cilmatic condition is ideal for the cultivation of almost all types of flowers. Inspite of that, only two flowers i.e Anthurium and Rose are cultivated at commercial scale. The success of Anthurium production in Mizoram is known countrywide due to its large exports. The quality of Mizoram Rose is wolrd class and more than ten different varieties are being grown which is the choice of consumers and florists.


Of the many spice crops, ginger, turmeric and birds eye chilli are the major spice crops of Mizoram. Presently, the Multifarming Coopeartive Society, Reiek is processing turmeric and organic turmeric powder is being widely marketed.


Areacanut is one of the major plantation crops cultivated in the State as there is high demand for this crop. Besides this, Tung and Jatropha are extensively cultivated for bio-diesel purposes.


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